ESR 1, Krishnamani Jayaraman was an invited speaker at the worshop titled “Hidden Values in Generating Scientific Evidence:Interdisciplinary Perspectives” on the 29 June 2018 organised by the Maastricht Center for Global Health.

In pursuit of his research project “Bridging the Valley of Death in Biomedical Sciences”, Mr. Krishnamani Jayaraman has embarked on the theme of capturing value indices as captured by stakeholders in health technology cycles and its implications to collaborative health research. Mr. Jayaraman had the opportunity to present his research problems, hypothesis, research questions and some initial findings to a group of transdisciplinary experts drawn from the domains of law, medical sciences, humanities and policy. Such interaction was very important for Mr. Jayaraman in terms of positioning his research within the law, technology and society interphase. The audience were deeply intrigued by Mr. Jayaraman’s talk on evolving dimensions of transnational health research, disruptive innovation trends in medicine and challenges in overcoming the valley of death in biomedicine. Mr. Jayaraman also received excellent inputs in terms of methodological approaches and interpretation of results.