The Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, which is part of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary, University of London, is an internationally renowned research institution in intellectual property law and related areas of commercial law. Its members and visiting staff are regular speakers at international conferences and have acted as advisors for many international organisations such as WIPO, the European Patent Office and the European Commission as well as for non-governmental organisations. Research is carried out in all fields of intellectual property law, taking an international and comparative perspective. The Centre for Commercial law Studies offers a range of qualifications for both lawyers and non-lawyers. Predominantly for graduates of natural sciences (and especially those aspiring to become patent attorneys), a Certificate in Intellectual Property law and a Mastersdegree in IP Management are offered which include teaching in the foundation subjects of IP (copyright and design, competition, patent and trade mark law) as well as further elective options. For law graduates, a broad range of options in more specialised areas of IP is available on the Queen Mary LLM (Intellectual Property) program. In addition, a Certificate in Trade Mark Law and Practice is offered. Around thirty PhD projects complement the vibrant research culture.