Partner Organization EUIPO

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO, formerly OHIM) is a decentralised, self-financing, EU agency responsible for managing two important vehicles for the protection of creativity and innovation – the EU trade mark and the registered Community design, valid in all 28 countries of the EU.

In addition to its core-business activities, the EUIPO has a long-standing record of initiatives developed with different stakeholders, including the Academic world, aimed at raising awareness and the dissemination of Intellectual Property knowledge. Within this context, the Office has collaborated with the EIPIN partners on several occasions, including the EIPIN-Innovation Society project where the EUIPO has been involved as partner organization.

The commitments acquired by the EUIPO as regards EIPIN-Innovation Society comprise in particular:

  • Research visits to four ESRs to conduct research and get exposure to the Intellectual Property activities developed at the EUIPO for a period of up to six months;
  • Granting access to the Intellectual Property data and knowledge present at the EUIPO to participating ESRs and authorization for its usage;
  • Supervisory support to four ESRs seconded to the EUIPO;
  • Involvement in the definition of competences required from ESRs;
  • Access to the on-line training catalogue of the EUIPO Academy Learning Portal on Intellectual Property and general skills.
  • Involvement in the governance structure of the consortium;
  • Provide speakers for the activities of the network, such as seminars and conferences;
  • Direct involvement in dissemination initiatives, including publication of thesis, and where possible, in helping the exploitation of research results.