Research Paper Series

The EIPIN-Innovation Society’s working paper series aims to offer an open access platform to stimulate the dissemination of research outcomes of the projects undertaken by its Early Stage Researchers, but also by scholars that do research on the theme of the role of intellectual property in innovative societies. The series aims to build on the tradition of excellence of the European IP Institutes Network (EIPIN) Congress book series and is open to contributions from post-doc researchers and academics from within and outside of the EIPIN partners.

The editorial control of the series lies with the EIPIN partners.

Below, you can find a list of the working papers:

Open Standards and Open Source: Characterisation and Typologies, Vicente Zafrilla, 20-04

Patent Aggregation in Europe: The Spotlight on Patent Licensing by Patent Aggregators, Niccolò Galli, 20-03

Protection of Indian non-agricultural geographical indications in the European Union, Maurizio Crupi, 20-02

Innovating Within Tradition: Are PDOs and PGIs loosening their link to origin?, Maurizio Crupi, 20-01

Use it or lose it? Ukraine amends its law on geographical indications, Anastasiia Kyrylenko, 19-06

The Role of Traditional CMOs in the Digital Era, Lucius Klobucnik & Daniel Campello Queiroz, 19-05

Direct Effect in Ukraine of IPR Provisions from the EU/Ukraine Free Trade Agreement: a Principled Approach to the Zentiva Case, Anastasiia Kyrylenko, 19-04

Patent Aggregation Redefinition and Taxonomy of Its Activities Useful for Competition Law, Niccolo Galli, 19-03

Patent Quality: Does One Size Fit All?, Naina Khanna, 19-02

The Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property in EU Investment Agreements, Clara Ducimetière, 19-01