Krishnamani Jayaraman presents at the ????????????? ?????? ?????? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???????????? ??? ???? (???? ???-??)

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Krishnamani Jayaraman presented at the ????????????? ?????? ?????? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???????????? ??? ???? (???? ???-??) organized by MyLawman on 13 February 2021.   The lecture was titled "The Innovation-Intellectual Property Interface'-Constantly Expanding Horizons, Re-defined frontiers and Challenges Galore!". The lecture featured within the theme 'Changing Face and Future of IP'. >> read the flyer

LTEC & EIPIN-Innovation Society Lecture Series: Transnational IP Law and Innovation

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The LTEC Law (Faculty of Law, University of Windsor) and the EIPIN Innovation Society collaborate to present ‘Transnational IP and Innovation Law’ speaker series starting 29 January 2021. Professor Graeme Dinwoodie (Chicago-Kent College of Law) is the invited key-note inaugural speaker for the series and will speak about the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published [...]

Naina Khanna invited as a speaker by her alma mater

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Naina was invited by her alma mater, University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS), Panjab University (PU) for an alumni session with the Career Development Cell (CDC) of UILS. She had the opportunity to share her interest in building a career in the field of legal academia and also share her journey as an Early-Stage Researcher at [...]

12 November 2020 lecture Krishnamani Jayaraman

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On 12 November 2020, ESR Krishnamani Jayaraman rendered a lecture in the CEIPI / WIPO / INPI Advanced Training Course on Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer and Licensing, conducted between 9-18 November 2020. Krishnamani spoke about his PhD project Bridging the “Valley of Death” in Biomedical Sciences (Theme 6). >> read the brochure

Anastasiia Kyrylenko wins the 2020 AIPPI Student Essay Prize

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Anastasiia Kyrylenko, ESR 10, has won the 2020 AIPPI Essay Prize in the student category. The subject of this year’s competition was COVID-19 and its impact on the world of IP. Anastasiia’s essay, “COVID-19 and Geographical Indications: Is the Promise of ‘Quality’ in ‘Quality Schemes’ Undermined?”, analyses whether lockdown measures and the resulting changes in the [...]

Naina Khanna invited to lecture at Patent Law Workshop

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The Centre for IP Studies (“CIPS”) at National Law University Jodhpur (India) organised a ‘Two-Day Workshop on Patent Facilitation’ on 26 and 27 September 2020. The purpose of the workshop was primarily to introduce the basics of Indian patent law, including substantive requirements, procedure, filing etc to the participants. Naina was invited as a keynote speaker [...]

Naina Khanna at 2020 Kraków IP Law Summer School

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Our ESR 8, Naina was invited to lecture at the 2020 Kraków IP Law Summer School held from 14 to 18 September 2020. This year’s theme for the summer school was ‘Quality of IPRs’ where Naina presented on the topic ‘Whether there could be a one-size-fits-all definition of Patent Quality?’. Naina also received a full grant [...]

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