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The EIPIN Social Sciences and Comparative Law Methods Training was held at the lecture theatre of Centre for Commercial Law Studies of Queen Mary University of London from Monday, 4th of June until Wednesday, 6th of June 2018.

During the first two days, prof. Lisa Webley from University of Birmingham presented three blocks of lectures, concerning respectively research questions and research design, qualitative methods and quantitative methods.

Specifically, prof. Lisa Webley introduced research theories in order to let ESRs familiarise with their stance in respect to research questions and research design and explaining the resulting crucial fit between question and methods. Additionally, detailed guidelines about collection of data and data analysis were provided, both for quantitative and qualitative research. Indeed, ESRs received valuable guidance to conduct interviews and surveys, from practical and theoretical perspective. In conclusion, prof. Webley walked ESRs towards translating findings into authoritative academic outputs.

On Wednesday, prof. Guido Westkamp presented the session on comparative methods. He led ESRs through the fundamentals and the key methodological stages of comparative methods, explaining these with examples and cases.

Throughout the days of the training, ESRs enjoyed social lunches and dinners, having the opportunity to interact and discuss between themselves and with the professors and experiencing the British academic atmosphere.

Report by Francesca Mazzi

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