Rotterdam (NL), April 13, 2018 – Niccolò Galli, ESR3, was selected to present at the first Erasmus Early-Career Scholars Conference of the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam titled “New business models and globalized markets: Rethinking public and private responsibilities”.

The Conference, organized by the PhD In Law Association Rotterdam (PILAR), intended to stimulate early-career scholars to exchange and discuss ideas on new business models, and to form networks and new initiatives for further cooperation. To this end, from April 11 to 13, more than twenty young researchers from all over the world presented their papers on the legal, economic and societal responses to challenges posed by globalized markets. Beside matching each presenter with a senior-academic discussant, the event also featured top-notch keynote speakers such as Jonathan Klick, Mirian Kennet and Katharina Pistor, as well as poster-presentations during the breaks.

Within his research on “Patent Aggregation in Patent and Competition Law”, Niccolò presented the preliminary introductory chapter of his thesis where he defines patent aggregation and classifies the business models that engage in patent aggregation activities. Both the discussant and the audience provided him with highly relevant and useful comments for the progress of his research.